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Who Is Room To Dance

room-to-dance-entertains-colorAndy Plett (Male Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Background Vocals)

JC Plett (Female Lead Vocals, Background Vocals)

Additional Band Members Depending on the musical needs of their client, Andy & JC perform as a Duo or add Top Quality Professional Musicians as needed. (Guitar, Pedal Steel, Fiddle, Keyboards)

Room To Dance has built their loyal clientele and following on clients whose objective is Great Music. Their distinct sound is built around the natural blend of Andy & JC’s voices, and their authentic renditions of people’s favourite cover tunes. Further authenticity is also found in Andy’s guitar sound, which he achieves by selecting from a collection of quality guitars and amplifiers. Room To Dance uses the newest technology in Backing Instrumentation that includes Bass Guitar & Drums, and for some songs, Keyboards, Horns, Fiddles, Steel Guitar etc. (depending on band format). Add that to their Top Notch P.A. Equipment and it translates to an unbelievable Full Band sound! Sound quality and audience comfort is paramount to these music professionals, and their reputation has been built on great sounding music that entertains and doesn’t overwhelm.

Room To Dance has a great ability to read and connect with a crowd. Their goal is for everyone in the crowd to enjoy themselves, and they have a huge repertoire of songs to draw from to ensure they do! Witty and friendly, Andy & JC and their band can use their energy, enthusiasm and musical talents to break the ice and draw in their audience. Consummate professionals, they always use their best judgment as to what tone to set on stage according to what is appropriate for the event.

Sound wise, the Duo and Trio shows do not differ from that of the 4 and 5 Piece Band…just the number of bodies on the stage!

No matter which Band Format you choose for your event, you’re getting Quality Entertainment!

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